Adam Demos: Australian Actor

Adam Demos is best known as August Walker on the American television series Unreal and Brad in the Netflix series Sex/Life. Born in Wollongong and attended Tarrawanna Public School and Dapto High School before enrolling at Screenwise Film & TV Acting School for acting studies.

Adam Demos’ Biography

Adam Demos had always dreamed of becoming an actor, so when his mother heard about his desire, she helped him search online for acting schools. Ultimately he enrolled at Screenwise Film & TV Acting School in Sydney Australia, eventually graduating and producing several short movies and small television series such as Netflix romantic comedy Sex/Life and Netflix movie Falling Into Love.

He was born on May 24 in Wollongong, New South Wales Australia as an Australian citizen and ethnicity of Anglo-Australian, meaning that he has European ancestry including British and Irish. Lindy raised him along with an unknown father – all while working together at their family demolition business.

Tarrawanna Public School and Dapto High School provided his early schooling. Following graduation, he worked in his father’s business before enrolling at Screenwise Film & TV Acting School for drama training. Soon after graduating, he made his acting debut with minor roles on Home and Away before appearing in two episodes of Rescue Special Ops as well as several short films and television shows such as Aboriginal Heart, Worm, and Winners & Losers.

After a brief lull in his career, this actor returned with an appearance as Nate Baldwin in Janet King and also co-starred in Cooped Up short film. That following year saw his breakout role as August Walker on UnREAL; since then he has appeared in multiple other shows and movies like Sex/Life.

Demos is an Australian native who is enjoying an incredibly successful acting career. He has amassed many fans, becoming one of the most-followed actors on social media (with over 1.5 Million Instagram followers). Furthermore, in addition to acting he has also made several commercials which were well received; and has earned himself a considerable income through acting.

Adam Demos’ Education

Adam Demos was born in Wollongong, Australia to Lindy (mother), but the identity of his father remains unknown. Adam had one sibling and lived on a hobby farm with them. At Dapto High School he participated in rugby sports before working on his father’s demolition business as a contractor worker. Eventually finding employment at Wollongong Steelworks, roofing firms, and Bondi’s Hotel Ravesis as a contractor worker as well as enrolling at Screen wise Film & TV Acting School but keeping this information from all his friends so kept his enrollment secret to avoid ridicule from his friends.

Demos began his acting career in 2009 by playing Justin in the Australian soap opera Home and Away and later Rescue Special Ops on television. Later that same year he made an appearance in the short film Aboriginal Heart. Soon thereafter he received more notice as Nate Baldwin on Janet King and August Walker in UnREAL before playing Brad Simon on Netflix’s series Sex/Life in 2021.

Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi have been dating since late 2020 and recently shot the Netflix series Sex/Life together in Canada. Fans are keenly interested to find out whether the couple will marry soon.

Demos is generally quite private and prefers keeping his personal life out of the spotlight, yet is extremely contented with life and enjoys living it to its fullest. He and his sweetheart enjoy taking vacations together, constantly looking forward to new experiences to embark on together.

Demos doesn’t have any children of his own yet, though he seems like an excellent parent and will most likely do so in the future. Given his popularity, many fans want to know about his personal life – particularly whether or not he has children – so much that even without kids of his own he remains a good provider for his girlfriend and acts as a good father figure figure to her.

Adam Demos’ Career

Adam Demos is an Australian actor who has quickly made a name for himself over his career. Known for his natural acting talent and large fan base, Adam’s good looks and charming personality have become an immensely popular favorite with viewers.

Born 24 May 1985 in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia to Lindy Demos of Greek descent, he grew up on a hobby farm before attending Tarrawanna Public and Dapto High Schools. At 23, he decided to pursue acting and enrolled in Sydney’s Screenwise Film & TV Acting School.

After graduating, Demos quickly found work as a background actor and earned several small television roles. He first appeared on Home and Away in 2009 before going on to appear on Rescue: Special Ops as well as several commercials before finally appearing in Aboriginal Heart, an independent short film by Mark Roberts.

In 2017, he began appearing regularly on some of the most beloved television series, including Janet King and August Walker on UnREAL and Sex/Life on Netflix – two series that quickly rose in popularity with audiences worldwide.

He has amassed considerable earnings thanks to his success on the big screen, becoming one of the most sought-after actors in Australia. Renowned for his charming personality and natural acting talent, which have garnered him an ever-expanding fan base on social media. A good-looking man with an infectious smile who takes great care when creating work – this actor stands out amongst his peers as an industry powerhouse!

Adam Demos and Sarah Shahi, an Iranian actress, met on the set of Sex/Life in 2020 and have since been in a relationship. Both enjoy spending time with family and friends together and they remain close. Although very private about their relationship, Adam Demos rarely posts photos or updates showing his valentine online.

Personal Life

Adam Demos’ personal life is just as exciting. The actor is currently dating Sex/Life co-star Sarah Shahi and are very content together. They met while filming Sex/Life back in the fall of 2020 and started dating shortly afterward – while Billie on Sex/Life (Shahi) yearns for wilder days when she hooks up with Brad (Demos).

The first season of this hit show ended on a dramatic cliffhanger, and its sequel begins six months later. Billie has since divorced her husband and begun dating Majid; Brad is in a relationship with Gigi. However, Brad and Billie eventually come together at the end of season 2.

Adam and Sarah have kept their relationship relatively quiet, yet appear happy together. Recently they were seen together in Wollongong in August 2022 where one actor wore a ring on his left hand; many fans speculated this meant they might be getting married but have not confirmed any such reports.

Adam Demos rarely discusses his relationship publicly, yet has shared some heartfelt comments about Sarah as his girlfriend. He once described her as a goddess with beautiful qualities on both ends, adding that they count themselves lucky to have Sarah in their lives.

Adam Demos began working for his father’s demolition company after graduating high school before attending acting classes. In 2009 he made his screen debut in Home and Away as an extra. But his real breakthrough came with UnREAL; where he played August Walker from 2010-2021 before ultimately leaving.

Adam Demos has since made several films and TV appearances since debuting, such as Black Water (upcoming film), Love Wedding Repeat (TV show), and Netflix’s Falling In Love with Christina Milian (Fallen Inn Love). Adam boasts a massive following on Instagram where he frequently posts pictures of himself as well as updates regarding his acting projects.