Asser Malik: Founder of Mettle Cricket

Asser Malik was born in 1994 and educated with degrees in economics and political science. Additionally, Asser is actively involved with Dramamine Theatre Production Company as General Manager of High Performance.

Raised in Lahore, where he became passionately interested in sports – particularly football and hockey teams at his school – after which he attended Lahore University of Management Sciences as an undergraduate.

Asser Malik’s Biography

Asser Malik, a Pakistan cricket executive, recently married Nobel prize winner Malala Yousafzai in an elegant ceremony held in Birmingham, England. They shared photos from this memorable day on social media; Malala looked beautiful in her tea-pink wedding dress while Asser donned his suit – close friends and family joined for this joyous event.

They have been dating for an extended period. While previously, both parties were very discreet about revealing their relationship on Instagram, MailOnline can reveal that these newlyweds first met during the summer of 2019. Yousafzai alluded to meeting someone during an interview with Vogue that year; later it was discovered she met Malik – the general manager of high performance for the Pakistan cricket board.

Malik and Jade have been spending lots of time together recently, as evidenced by photos they’ve posted to their respective Instagram grids. He even recently tagged Jade in one of his photos showing them cheering for the Warriors during NBA All-Stars Weekend 2022! Furthermore, they recently spent time traveling through Europe together – visiting Stockholm, Paris, and Cannes among other locations.

Although it is unclear exactly when these two met, we do know they share a passion for cricket. Asser Malik, a Pakistani cricket executive who has held positions with brands like Coca-Cola and FrieslandCampina has earned himself a bachelor’s degree from Lahore University of Management Sciences before going on to work as the high-performance manager for the Pakistan cricket team – something Asser does as a huge fan of the game himself!

Despite her challenging childhood, Yousafzai has made incredible progress since her attempted assassination by Taliban militants in 2012. Her advocacy for girls’ access to education has inspired millions around the globe and her story has made her a global icon.

Malala recently shared on Instagram that she is now the wife of “the most handsome and best partner I could have wished for.” In the same post, Malala thanked her husband for being such an outstanding father to their daughters.

Asser Malik’s Business

Asser Malik is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the sports industry. Since 2020 he has held the role of General Manager of High Performance with the Pakistan Cricket Board. Before taking this post he operated his player management agency as well as created player development plans for Multan Sultans team – a professional Twenty20 franchise cricket team.

Asser is an avid cricket fan and shows a keen understanding of both its cultural and religious facets. He is dedicated to spreading cricket throughout his region and enjoys following international cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar. Additionally, Asser has played an instrumental role in growing Grassroots cricket – an amateur league in Pakistan – as well as working with brands such as Coca-Cola and FrieslandCampina.

Malala Yousafzai, the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate ever, married Asser Malik in a private ceremony on November 9. Although Malala and Asser have kept their relationship very private so far, fans are eager to know more about him – she even included him in an Edgbaston stadium cheering photo with friends cheering for Pakistan, and shared images from their Nikah ceremony online!

His degree is from LUMS in business administration and his experience is wide-ranging in various capacities. He worked as a key account manager at AkzoNobel, a Dutch multinational company, as well as certified project management professional status. Furthermore, he served as an event coordinator at Lahore Grammar School before co-founding Desi Tour Project which offers tours of cultural and religious sites throughout Pakistan.

Asser enjoys reading books and spending time with his family during his free time. Additionally, he plays cricket and tennis regularly and speaks three languages fluently (English, Urdu, and Punjabi). Travel is another passion of Asser’s, visiting various countries while always considering the bigger picture.

Asser Malik’s Career

Asser Malik is a keen sports fan and is well-known as an avid Newcastle United supporter. Additionally, he is active in fighting for women’s rights. Recently, Asser has posted various sports-related pictures to Instagram; with tens of thousands following on Twitter calling themselves NUFC forever yet not knowing anything about Asser.

Asser Malik currently holds the position of General Manager of High Performance with the Pakistan Cricket Board since May 2020. Before that, he served as Operations Manager with the Multan Sultans team of the Pakistan Super League as well as co-founding the Last Man Stand Cricket Amateur League Franchise franchise. Malik holds an academic background in economics and political science from Lahore University of Management Sciences.

Asser Malik remains an ardent cricket enthusiast despite his busy schedule. He frequently shares images from various cricket events on Instagram. Recently, he shared a picture with Malala Yousafzai cheering for Pakistan at Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham England; Malik included her as part of this photo and included her quote with it.

Malik and Malala shared another post online in which they posed for a photograph at Rio’s Maracana stadium – home of numerous historic events such as the World Cup finals and Olympic games. They playfully paid homage to Brazilian culture and sport while paying a lasting tribute to each other through this loving act.

Asser Malik isn’t just a cricket enthusiast – he also holds a keen interest in football. On Instagram, he frequently shared posts related to the Newcastle United team including one with their mascot! With thousands of followers on Twitter, he is often quoted by other fans and commentators there.

Asser Malik’s Personal Life

Asser Malik is the husband of Pakistani Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai. Malala was shot by Taliban fighters after speaking out for girls’ right to education – however, she managed to survive and go on to Oxford University where she became one of only 18 individuals ever awarded a Nobel Peace Prize at such an early age. Now Malala resides with Asser in Birmingham.

Asser Malik makes a comfortable living from business, but his true passion lies with cricket. Asser holds a top position with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), spearheading their initiative to promote women’s cricket – where he first met Malala, an enthusiastic promoter. Furthermore, Asser serves as General Manager of High Performance within PCB; overseeing top-level sports programs and services for some of Pakistan’s finest athletes and coaches.

ESPNcricinfo reported that he is also managing director and franchise owner in the Last Man Stand amateur league, with his goal being to revitalize grassroots cricket in Pakistan and give amateur players access to quality hard-ball cricket experiences.

Even during his busy work schedule, Asser is an attentive father and husband. Together with Malala, they frequently visit their respective families in Lahore and Birmingham; Malala visits the UK regularly to run her foundation that promotes girls’ education worldwide. Furthermore, he’s an avid cricketer; Asser’s Instagram page showcases an archive of his cricketing highlights including playing at the US Cricket Open or Lord’s Cricket Ground London mascot appearances!

Asser was born and raised in Lahore, Pakistan. He attended Aitchison College before attending Lahore University of Management Sciences to earn a degree in economics and political science. Following graduation, Asser interned as HR manager at Engro Foods Limited Pakistan for two months after which time he frequently visited Newcastle United FC matches while supporting them as president of Dramaline organization that creates theater productions.