Drew Starkey: American Actor

Drew Starkey has become an extraordinary actor quickly. He is well-known for his portrayal of Rafe Cameron on Netflix’s Outer Banks series.

He completed his high school studies at St. Stephens High School before enrolling at Western Carolina University.

Drew Starkey’s Biography

Drew Starkey is a popular American actor best known for his roles in various television series and movies, such as Netflix’s Outer Banks as Rafe Cameron, and numerous short films and television shows. Additionally, Drew has amassed an extensive social media following on platforms such as Instagram.

Born 4 November 1993 and of White ethnic background and American nationality. Raised in Hickory, North Carolina, and attending St. Stephens High School he graduated in 2014. Following that he went to Western Carolina University majoring in English and Theatre Performance while also winning an inaugural Charles Stancil Stephens-Kudzu Players Scholarship that recognizes students with great acting potential.

After graduating, he quickly found work as an actor on television shows and movies, first appearing as Patrick Clemens in the 2014 film The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation before working in four more short films and appearing on the HBO series Mercy Street as G*mbling Soldier in 2018. Later he was cast as Rafe Cameron for Netflix show Outer Banks before also working on several other projects such as Good Behavior, Resident, Brockmire Shots Fired Queen Sugar, etc.

Starkey’s acting career saw a boost after appearing as Hawkins on the 2019 TV series Scream, which was well-received and garnered him public recognition. Additionally, in 2019, he portrayed Ryan in the horror-themed movie Mine 9.

He boasts a significant social media following of over 3.9 million on Instagram alone, regularly posting pictures and sharing his thoughts with them. Additionally, he has featured in some short films alongside Claire Van der Linden; many fans speculated they might be dating in real life; neither party came forward to disprove such speculation.

Drew Starkey’s Net Worth

Drew Starkey has become a prominent name in the entertainment industry due to his outstanding acting skills. His fans appreciate his work on both big and small screens alike. Starkey has amassed an estimated net worth of around $750 thousand as of 2023 from acting projects, brand endorsements, and sponsorship deals.

Drew began acting professionally in 2014 with a short film called “The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation.” That same year he appeared in Lost Soles and Bounds; additionally, he featured as an actor on both Up the Hill and Love is the Longest Con television shows.

In 2018, he made his big screen debut as Frat Boy in American Animals. Additionally, he appeared in series like Mercy Street, Shots Fired, Ozark, Brockmire Queen Sugar, and Good Behavior before taking up Rafe Cameron’s role on the Outer Banks television series.

Apart from acting, Starkey enjoys many sports and outdoor activities. His primary interest lies in photography – often posting selfies of himself on social media platforms – though he also finds joy in traveling and sampling tasty cuisines.

North Carolina-born star Jack Black enjoys music and playing the piano. Known for his wry sense of humor and often posting videos showing his workout routines online, he is also an avid fitness enthusiast and often posts videos of his workout regimens on social media platforms such as YouTube.

Todd and Jodi Starkey raised him alongside his three siblings Logan, Brooke, and Makayla. He attended St Stephens High School in his hometown before going on to graduate from Western Carolina University.

Starkey stands 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), weighs 180 pounds (82 kg), and features brown hair with blue eyes. As an American by nationality and with Christianity as his religious affiliation, he enjoys smoking while possessing an aggressive but comedic persona. Furthermore, Starkey is also an avid sports enthusiast; regularly playing basketball and football with his peers.

Drew Starkey’s Movies & TV Shows

Drew Starkey is an up-and-coming actor who is quickly making waves in Hollywood. Best known for his role as Rafe Cameron on Netflix’s Outer Banks series, Starkey can also be seen in several other notable movies and TV shows.

Starkey made his acting debut in community theater, before transitioning into larger roles. His breakout performance came when he won the lead in Outer Banks – an action drama for teenagers that follows two groups — one working class and the other wealthy — fighting over summertime treasure, speedboats, romance, and chicanery. Outer Banks proved an enormously popular show on Netflix that earned Starkey widespread acclaim from viewers.

Once Outer Banks was released, its success earned him several other roles in film and TV. These included playing a small part in the 2022 horror flick “The Devil All the Time”, as well as another minor part in “Embattled”.

Starkey plays the part of a young guard in an American prison while Michael B. Jordan stars as Bryan Stevenson, an attorney who accepts a capital murder case and attempts to defend it.

Starkey appeared in episode 5 of season one as part of an armed robbery crew in the North Carolina-filmed Netflix series Ozark, appearing as part of his cast montage.

More recently, he has been busy filming the Netflix romantic comedy movie The Other Zoey with Josephine Langford; expected to be released in early 2022.

Drew will also star alongside Daniel Craig in Queer, an adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ candidly gay novel of the same name written by Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name director).

Starkey will play Lee, one of Burroughs’ alter egos who is wandering through Mexico City and falls for Allerton (an ex-navy serviceman). Film production for this project will commence later this month in Italy and also features Lesley Manville, Jason Schwartzman, and Henry Zaga among others.

Drew Starkey’s Personal Life

Drew Starkey hails from Hickory North Carolina. After attending St. Stephens High School for high school studies and Western Carolina University to pursue acting, Drew made his acting debut in 2014 and has continued advancing his craft ever since. Since then he has gained considerable acclaim and built up a substantial net worth thanks to films and television series projects he has participated in.

He has appeared in films such as The Radical Notion of Gene Mutation, Lost Soles and Bounds, Up the Hill and Love is the Longest Con. Additionally, he has had roles on the television series Mercy Street, Shots Fired Ozark, and Valor.

His breakthrough came when he was cast in Outer Banks, an American action-adventure mystery teen drama TV series airing between 2023-2024 on CBS television network. Playing Rafe Cameron helped gain him much-deserved popularity and fan following; currently filming for the Netflix movie The Other Zoey.

He enjoys spending his free time with friends and family. Additionally, he’s passionate about taking photos and actively engaged on social media platforms such as Instagram – boasting over 3.9 million followers there alone!

Apart from acting, he also enjoys sports. As an avid basketball player who has participated in several competitions. Furthermore, he enjoys watching football whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Regarding his personal life, he has kept most details regarding his romantic status confidential. However, there have been speculations involving Claire Van der Linden as a possible romantic interest and his Instagram photos with Hellraiser co-star Odessa A’zion have caused further speculations that they may be dating.

He possesses a pleasant sense of humor and gets along well with his co-stars while enjoying photography and traveling as hobbies in addition to acting. Additionally, he loves continental food and avidly follows the Game of Thrones TV show.