Felix Mallard: Actor, Model, Musician

Felix Mallard has been keeping himself extremely busy with his acting career, appearing in multiple TV series and films.

He made his acting debut as Ben Kirk on Neighbours in 2014 and also featured in Money Is Just a Barbell short film. Since then, he has appeared in Netflix series such as All the Bright Places and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Felix Mallard’s Biography

Felix Mallard began his modeling and acting career at 15, signing with Vivien’s models and appearing in various ads and campaigns. Additionally, Felix is also a musician playing guitar and piano; and has participated in multiple projects as a producer/director. Felix made his acting debut in six episodes of Neighbours as Ben Kirk and this became a breakthrough role that opened many opportunities.

After appearing as Ben Kirk on Neighbours, he went on to star in numerous television shows and films such as Money is Just a Barbell, Happy Together, All the Bright Places, Locke & Key, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Ginny and Georgia. He quickly gained a large fan base thanks to this famed role he holds on screen – especially for being so charismatic! His popularity onscreen led many fans towards him; one being most notable being Neighbours which cemented it in peoples’ memories!

He is an outstanding actor who always exhibits poise on set. His performances never fail to dazzle audiences and impress everyone involved with productions, all the while remaining very humble and kind towards co-stars and crew members alike.

In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as doing sports such as fencing where he is an active competitor and team player – earning several medals along the way!

Apart from his legal profession, he is passionate about music. Since childhood, he has been learning guitar. More recently he joined Enemies Alike as the drummer, performing at various venues around Melbourne.

The actor has proven incredibly adept at managing both aspects of his life. He keeps his matters out of the media spotlight and does not discuss his relationship publicly. Instead, his focus remains on building his career to achieve greater heights.

Felix Mallard currently boasts an estimated net worth of over $3 Million. His primary source of income comes from filming and television projects; his main income source comes from singing and performing as well. Felix also has an amazing physique which makes him ideal for roles requiring physicality while dancing proficiency allows for him to perform various types of stunts with ease.

Felix Mallard’s Net Worth

Felix Mallard is an impressive young actor who has won over fans since making his debut in 2014. Since 2014 he has made his presence known and can often be found performing alongside singer and musician Josh Peckham in short films and TV shows, sometimes writing music himself! Felix maintains an active presence on Instagram by regularly sharing professional images from all his performances as well as posting professional pictures taken during shoots or appearances.

This 25-year-old actor, signed to Vivien Models and represented by them since 2015, has worked with various brands for promotions. Additionally, he has participated in charity events to raise awareness for various causes through his platform – being particularly inspired by Jimi Hendrix who he admires greatly – having amassed an extensive collection of his music. With a great future ahead of him and promises yet unfulfilled in front of him; we know this star will continue shining bright onscreen!

Felix Mallard first made his debut as Ben Kirk on Australian soap opera Neighbours in 2014; concurrently appearing on the television series Xanthe Ben and Summer Stories that same year. Later that same year he made an appearance as Lucas Caravaggio in Locke & Key on Netflix; additionally making appearances in All the Bright Places movie in 2020 as well as Ginny & Georgia and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist TV shows later that same year.

Felix has also shown himself to be an accomplished singer and guitarist. As part of Enemies Alike he performed at various Melbourne venues as part of a punk rock group and competed in Associated Catholic Colleges Battle of the Bands competitions.

He possesses an alluring appeal and is constantly searching for new projects. Additionally, he is an acclaimed social media influencer with over 4 million followers on Instagram, along with an equally-renowned YouTube channel where he posts music videos and interviews. When not working or socializing he enjoys surfing and basketball – in his free time engaging in charity work to assist the homeless and elderly.

Felix Mallard’s Personal Life

Felix Mallard, best known for playing Ben Kirk in Neighbours and Marcus Baker in Ginny & Georgia, is also a talented musician and model. Starting his career at 13 when scouted by Vivien’s Models agency he went on to appear in several movies and television shows including All the Bright Places, Locke & Key, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Happy Together.

The young star has much to contribute to the entertainment industry and is working tirelessly towards becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Currently concentrating on his acting career and receiving rave reviews for recent projects.

He has made himself a name in the industry by portraying some of the most engaging characters. With an exceptional talent for acting and an uncanny ability to bring life-like images onto a screen, his performances truly come to life on screen. Furthermore, he is an adept singer with a large following on social media.

Mallard is an honest and modest individual who takes pleasure in making others smile. He is highly supportive of both family and friends alike; particularly fond of spending time with his siblings; surfing and swimming are among his favorite leisure pursuits while reading and traveling are other passions of his.

Felix Mallard exudes beauty with his beautiful smile and captivating personality, and is an accomplished dancer to boot! Raised in a family with strong values, Felix has a deep affection for both of his parents while remaining committed to his work and never giving up easily.

In a 2021 interview, he mentioned having a girlfriend; however, neither party has publicly discussed it. It has been widely speculated that he might be dating New Zealand actress Zoe Crammond and they have been seen together several times; neither party has commented on any rumor mill. Although their age difference may seem intimidating at first glance, both are deeply in love.

Felix Mallard’s Career

Felix Mallard has made quite a splash in the industry despite his young age. Mallard was born in Semaphore, Melbourne Australia on 20 April 1998 to Dave and Jane Mallard who follow Christianity as their religion. He attended a local high school for his studies. Dave is his father while Jane is his mother – both parents are Australian citizens with one younger sister living nearby.

Once he had completed his studies, he ventured into the world of entertainment. Landing roles in numerous movies and TV shows; including appearances in popular soap operas – his future is looking bright!

At 15, his acting career got off the ground when he appeared as Ben Kirk for six episodes on Neighbours. Following this role, he decided to pursue acting full-time, appearing in several projects such as All the Bright Places, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Locke & Key.

Felix Mallard is also an accomplished singer and guitarist, performing at various venues around Melbourne. Additionally, he performs as part of Enemies Alike (a punk rock band) as well as singing for the Associated Catholic Colleges’ Battle of the Bands competition.

Felix Mallard spends much of his free time playing sports and socializing with his friends. He has an outgoing personality, loves meeting new people, is very sociable, and is always up for a laugh – close to both family and acting skills development, working on several new projects expected to launch him into fame quickly! Felix maintains an optimistic attitude in life while never fearing taking risks – an individual with hard-working ethics striving towards reaching their goals!