Jason Segel: Actor, Screenwriter, Producer

Jason Segel first gained prominence for his portrayal of Marshall Eriksen on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother from 2005-2014. Additionally, Jason has made appearances in movies like Slackers, 11:14, Certainly Not A Fairytale, and The Good Humor Man.

He co-wrote the score for Get Him to the Greek, which features the fictional band Infant Sorrow performing their songs, in 2010. Additionally, in 2007 he approached Disney about writing their next Muppets film script.

Jason Segel’s Biography

Segel first made headlines as Nick Andopolis on the short-lived Freaks and Geeks, followed by guest roles on shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Undeclared before breaking out as one of the major sitcom stars on How I Met Your Mother; from there he went on to star in movies such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, This Is the End and more.

Segel again displays his dramatic chops in Shrinking, taking on the serious role of an out-of-control California therapist who ignores both training and ethics by brutally confronting sensitive issues with his patients. It allows Segel to put his light facial scruff and sad eyes to great use in this role.

It marks a departure from his usual work, which centers on somewhat scruffy characters with trouble keeping their heads above water. But it shows he can take on more complex projects which should open up further opportunities in the future.

Jason Segel’s Acting Career

Jason Segel grew up as an awkward child who dreamt of becoming an actor. To help get him out of his shell, his parents took him to acting classes; not too concerned with performance as much as they wanted for him to become less shy.

At high school, he reluctantly agreed with the acting department head’s suggestion to focus on acting instead of basketball and put on Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story as part of an open audition with Paramount Pictures’ casting director for film roles. She invited him for an audition.

Dead Man on Campus marked Segel’s cinematic debut and his acting career took off from there. Over time he continued securing minor roles on shows like CSI and Alias before landing a major break as Marshall Eriksen on How I Met Your Mother.

Segel became a household name thanks to his success on The West Wing. Since then he’s appeared in several films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Friend. Additionally, he co-wrote Nicholas Stoller’s Muppets movie adaptation as co-writer.

Jason Segel is an extraordinary actor who has perfected his craft of comedy and characterization. From Peter Bretter to his beloved husband, Segel can bring any character to life with his signature wry humor. Recently on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, he opened up about growing up with just one Jewish parent and feeling outcast during childhood.

Jason Segel’s First Film

Freaks and Geeks earned him his first taste of fame, followed by the Judd Apatow-produced FOX series Undeclared under his direction and an Emmy award-nominated appearance on it. From there came How I Met Your Mother (starring Marshall Eriksen for its entirety ) which led to more roles – such as Knocked Up with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd).

After writing and directing Forgetting Sarah Marshall himself, Segel himself starred and was widely recognized in Hollywood. While not his best film ever made, Forgetting Sarah Marshall became an instant classic that helped cemented Segel as one of its leading actors.

Since then, he’s written and starred in multiple films; most are comedies but some feature dramatic elements too. His acting chops were showcased during his portrayal as preacher Carlton Pearson’s business partner in Come Sunday on Netflix; this same performance helped him pull off playing Peter Bretter naked on Forgetting Sarah Marshall as well as Vector in Despicable Me movies and now Beaker from Muppets as voiceover role!

Shrinking will star him alongside Linda Cardellini from Freaks and Geeks; although the show doesn’t necessarily fit the definition of drama, its potential lies in depicting the therapy world and people trying to figure out where they fit in it.

Jason Segel‘s First TV Show

One of Jason Segel’s first television roles was as Nick Andopolis in Freaks and Geeks on NBC – marking both his first experience playing a character with disabilities as well as a first attempt at writing for television series.

Segel was soon featured on more television programs, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Undeclared, before appearing in films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I Love You Man, and Get Him to the Greek.

Well-known for his role as Marshall Eriksen on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, he also acts as a writer and producer on numerous episodes of this popular sitcom. Additionally, he co-wrote Knocked Up and I Love You Man with Seth Rogen; wrote the upcoming Muppets movie with Jonah Hill; is co-writer on Shrinking Violet featuring Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill and currently co-writing on AMC drama Shrinking Violet alongside Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill among many other projects.

Jason Segel’s First Movie

Jason Segel found fame at 18 as an actor appearing in numerous bit parts, most notably Can’t Hardly Wait, before landing his breakthrough role: Nick Andopolis from Freaks and Geeks on NBC produced by Judd Apatow. Following this success he continued appearing regularly in other television series such as CSI: Crime Investigation and Undeclared before leaving Freaks and Geeks entirely behind to pursue other projects.

After appearing in numerous movies and TV shows, he truly found his niche with How I Met Your Mother on CBS for nine seasons, playing Marshall Eriksen who is both endearing yet eccentric; an ideal portrayal for this charismatic actor!

Segel’s acting talents extend far beyond comedic work. His performance as Jeff, Who Lives at Home was critically-acclaimed and showcased his acting range.

In 2011, he undertook another demanding role, playing the lead in The Muppets. It marked the first new theatrical movie featuring iconic Jim Henson creations in nearly two decades – and was an instant box office hit despite its serious undertones; audiences found it both amusing and entertaining.

Jason Segel‘s First TV Series Role

Jason Segel first made headlines through his appearance as Nick Andopolis in Freaks and Geeks for nine seasons and later appeared on another Judd Apatow series Undeclared. A versatile actor with an infectious laugh, Jason creates engaging characters both on- and off-screen that people adored him for.

He appeared in various smaller TV shows and movies before landing a larger role on How I Met Your Mother, working alongside its producer for over 10 years and becoming one of the biggest stars on the sitcom. Additionally, this gave him the freedom to pursue more roles that interested him rather than being limited by one character type only.

He quickly made fans love Marshall Eriksen through his dynamic performance in television’s popular drama. Even winning several awards for it, fans continue to tune into this show today.

Segel excelled as Dane in Our Friend, an emotionally moving film in which an alcoholic puts aside their own life to help Matthew (Casey Affleck). Segel’s performance as Dane was both powerful and heartwarming – it shone through in this powerful drama! Aside from Our Friend, Segel has also long been a fan of Muppets: from Muppets Most Wanted (2011) back to co-writing Knocked Up (2010) alongside Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill!