Javon Walton: Actor and Boxer

Javon Walton is an incredible young talent achieving remarkable feats at an astonishing rate. As both an exceptional boxer (five-time Georgia state champion) and talented gymnast. He’s already making waves across his fields of competition.

Javon Walton’s Biography

Javon Walton is an extraordinary boxing prodigy turned actor. A five-time Georgia State Champion for both boxing and gymnastics and four-time USA Boxing South East Regional Champion, Javon is currently training to compete in both events at the 2024 Olympics for both boxing and gymnastics. Beginning training at age four with Under Armour sponsorship already obtained by age 10, Javon aspires to become one of the world’s greatest athletes.

Javon Walton has amassed many fans and followers across his social media platforms, particularly TikTok where he posts training and other videos, and has amassed over 5 million followers. Javon resides with his family in Braselton, Georgia and his parents are DJ and Jessica Walton; his siblings include fraternal twin brother Jaden as well as older sister Jayla Cookie.

In 2019, Javon found his debut acting role on HBO’s Euphoria as Ashtray after being discovered by its production team when appearing on Steve Harvey’s talk show.

Later on, he won his breakthrough role as Grant Bishop on Amazon Prime Video streaming series Utopia. Additionally, he appeared in movies such as MGM’s animated The Addams Family 2 and will portray Sam Cleary in the superhero movie Samaritan.

Javon is not only an outstanding actor but is also an extraordinary athlete, having trained under his father and professional coach. With enormous potential and hard work at reaching his goals, Javon also excels at photography and singing – two areas in which he excels greatly.

Javon is an esteemed American celebrity and boasts an impressive social media following of 5 million+ on Instagram alone. A young and handsome boy with an average physique and attractive features.

Personal: He is in a relationship with Coco Quinn. Additionally, he trains gymnastics regularly and is an ardent admirer of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson of WWE fame.

Javon Walton’s Parents

Javon Walton has already accomplished so much at such an early age! Not only is he an actor, but also an aspiring boxer vying to join the Olympic stage one day. His talent in gymnastics and boxing has garnered him significant acclaim within both industries; as have social media platforms, partnerships with well-known sports equipment brands, and endorsement deals that generate income for him.

Javon enjoys spending his free time with his family. He often posts pictures of himself with both of his parents on Instagram and is especially close to Jayla Cookie Walton, his sister who stars in TV series like Love Looks Better and Utopia as an actress, and model, and has her own TikTok account with comedy lip-syncing videos shared through it.

Javon was raised with Christian values and follows a religious faith. His father, DJ Walton, is both an accomplished boxer and businessman; winning numerous awards throughout his career and co-founding an online store called Bespoke Post and Onward Athletics gym respectively. Meanwhile, Jessica, Javon’s mother is an author and fitness expert who also trains him in boxing.

As a child actor, Javon has garnered immense popularity on various social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube. He played Ashtray, an inked drug dealer on HBO’s Euphoria; since then he has appeared in other projects like The Addams Family Season 2 and Samaritan; promising an impressive future and likely success as an actor.

Javon enjoys living an idyllic life with his parents in Atlanta, Georgia. His time is divided between acting and boxing career pursuits as well as quality time with family. Hiking is another hobby he particularly enjoys doing.

Javon Walton’s Siblings

Javon is an inspiring young man with talent and dedication in multiple areas. His acting career allows him to support himself financially, with additional income coming in through endorsements. Furthermore, Javon excels as an athlete as well as competing in different sports – an example to young athletes everywhere! – demonstrating true dedication towards his craft with passionate training regimens for his craft as an exceptional role model for young athletes looking up to him for guidance. His goals remain focused while maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle through rigorous practice sessions and dedicated practice schedules.

His family includes one twin brother named Jaden who also acts, often appearing together on TikTok. Additionally, Javon and Jayla Cookie both share an older sibling named Daelo Jin Walton; all three siblings enjoy going hiking together in mountainous regions.

Javon was discovered on social media and appeared on a talk show hosted by Steve Harvey in 2017. Soon thereafter, he made his acting debut in the HBO series Euphoria as Ashtray; this role gave his career an immediate boost and since then has also seen him star in Utopia, The Addams Family 2, and Samaritan television series.

Attractively adorned in his acting career are also his athletic achievements as an accomplished boxer and gymnast, winning multiple competitions including five Georgia State Championships as well as four USA Boxing South East Regional titles.

Javon trains at an elite gym in Atlanta under an experienced coach, where he emphasizes technique and discipline to maximize performance over the years. Javon’s natural athletic build makes him easy to teach new techniques quickly.

Javon stands at 5 feet 1 inch and weighs 110 pounds, boasting an athletic frame with captivating dark brown eyes for added charm. His youthful physique perfectly complements his acting and sporting talents.

Javon keeps much of his personal life private and does not open up about any relationships he may have with other people. His parents support all his endeavors as an actor and boxing enthusiast alike. Javon looks forward to an impressive future ahead in both fields and plans on expanding both careers further.

Javon Walton’s Career

Javon Walton is an impressive multitalented child actor and boxer with an enthusiastic fan base. He has participated in productions like Euphoria and Utopia and his talent and hard work have been acknowledged by industry professionals. Additionally, Javon holds state championships in boxing as well as having trained in gymnastics training – promising an exceptional future ahead of him in which his goals will be realized.

Javon was discovered on social media by famed American television personality Steve Harvey and appeared on his talk show shortly thereafter. Subsequently, Javon began taking an interest in acting. Ultimately, he was cast as Ashtray in Euphoria on HBO; additional film projects for him include Pugsley Addams and Sam Cleary.

Javon also makes money through social media platforms and endorsement deals, appearing in advertisements for various e-commerce brands and sports gear companies such as boxing gear. Furthermore, Onward – his clothing line – sells high-quality hoodies and tees at competitive rates.

Javon also takes time out for himself and his loved ones – family and friends alike. He shares an especially close bond with both of his parents, sharing pictures of them on Instagram often. Additionally, Javon has an inner circle of close friends that support his career goals while keeping him grounded.

Javon, an aspiring actor, is working towards fulfilling his goal of becoming a professional athlete. After months of intensive training, Javon hopes to participate in both boxing and gymnastics at the 2024 Olympics. Javon places great value on education and wishes to attend one of the top universities across America for further studies.

His father, DJ Walton, is a professional boxer and founder of OnWard Athletics while his mother Jessica operates an online store called ‘Bespoke Post’ in Atlanta Georgia where they both reside with Javon. Javon spends much of his free time playing video games and attending acting classes – his passion being Sylvester Stallone who he met during an impromptu media call call where they both seemed to hit it off!