Louis Partridge: English Actor

Louis Partridge first found success playing Lord Tewkesbury in Netflix films Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2, as well as in Paddington 2, Amazon Adventure, and Medici (in which he plays Piero de Medici).

His fame has attracted millions of followers across social media. The young actor is famed for his talent and appealing looks; as well as possessing an endearing persona that appeals to fans.

Louis Partridgeā€™s Personal Life

Louis Partridge is an established English actor known for appearing in several TV shows and movies. He first entered acting in 2014 with a small role as Alf in the Boomers television series; since then he has made short films like Beneath Water, About a Dog, and Second Skin; played Young Henry Bates from Amazon Adventures 2017 film as well as G-Man from Paddington 2 film; also performed four episodes as Piero De’ Medici from TV Series Medici!

Louis was born in Wandsworth, England on the 3rd of June 2003 to British parents with one sister named Millie. Louis enjoys music and credits his older sister Issie for inspiring him to pursue acting. Additionally, he can often be found active on online social networks with millions of fans following him around.

Their parents have always encouraged his dreams. Now he wants to make them proud by finding success in his career; planning to study theatre after graduating high school education.

He prefers keeping his personal life private and spending most of his time with family and friends; traveling and being in nature are his favorites, while painting is also something he likes doing in his free time.

Louis Partridge is also an animal enthusiast with two pet cats at his home and works closely with animal rights activists and welfare organizations. Additionally, he’s an excellent cook who delights his friends and family with delicious creations prepared on an intimate scale.

Louis Partridgeā€™s Biography

Louis Partridge is an English actor best known for his performance as Viscount Tewksbury in the Netflix film Enola Holmes. Additionally, he acted in Amazon Adventure and Paddington 2. Louis is continuing to build a strong career and currently boasts millions of followers on social media. Additionally, modeling and television show appearances are part of his portfolio as well.

He began acting at an early age and has appeared in various television shows and films since. His first TV show was Boomers; since then, he has made short films like Beneath Water and About a Dog as well as playing young Henry Bates in Amazon Adventure – this role catapulting him to stardom.

Louis has amassed an enormous social media following, amassing millions of fans on both Instagram and Tiktok. Additionally, he hosts his tv show called Pistol alongside his friends; additionally, he will soon play Vicious Sid in one of Louis’ upcoming projects.

His parents are both British, and his elder sister works as a TikTok content creator. He attended high school in Wandsworth before heading off to university the next year.

Louis Partridge has English ancestry from his father’s side, while Welsh ancestry from his mother’s. His mother works as a financial specialist for Child Rescue Nepal in London with her husband and son. Louis is an exceptional actor with great potential in the industry – working hard toward becoming one of the biggest stars. Already boasting millions of fans on social media and working towards making himself even better over time! His mother’s business expertise inspired Louis’ ambition for success as an actor.

Louis Partridgeā€™s Social Media

Louis Partridge was born in Wandsworth, London, England. He first came into public consciousness after appearing as Viscount Tewkesbury in Millie Bobby Brown’s 2020 movie Enola Holmes. Since then he has amassed millions of followers across TikTok and Instagram platforms and also appeared in multiple television series.

James Partridge is the middle child of James and Liz Partridge, both attorneys by profession; while his mother works as a financial specialist at Child Rescue Nepal. James also has two older sisters named Issie and Millie whom his parents supported him in following his childhood dream to become an actor.

His acting career began in 2014 and since then has featured in multiple short films and television series, most notably as Piero di Lorenzo de Medici in the historical drama series Medici and Peter Pan in the 2021 film The Lost Girls.

Partridge is currently single and focused on furthering his acting career. Since he has not provided details about his personal life to the public, it remains unknown if or who he may be dating. Assuming he attends high school or homeschooling may help him focus more effectively on both his studies and his acting endeavors.

Louis Partridge is an accomplished actor and model with millions of followers on social media, serving as a great role model for young children while possessing great potential to succeed professionally. A talented skateboarder and rugby player, Partridge has also appeared in multiple commercials. Musically inclined, his favorite bands include The Cure and Morrissey.

Louis Partridgeā€™s Acting Career

Louis Partridge is an English actor, TV personality, model, and social media influencer best known for his role as Viscount Tewkesbury in Millie Bobby Brown’s Netflix film Enola Holmes. Additionally, he has made numerous film and television show appearances such as Medici, Paddington 2, and Second Skin.

Born 3 June 2003 in Wandsworth, London, United Kingdom. Of mixed English and Welsh descent. His parents support his acting career; Millie is his sister while Allyn B is his brother.

Partridge began his acting career early, appearing as a minor character on an episode of the BBC series Boomers in 2014. Soon thereafter he went on to star as G-Man in Paddington 2 and Piero de Medici in four episodes of Medici.

He has appeared in multiple short films as an actor as well, portraying Felix from Beneath Water, Young Gav from About a Dog, Miner Boy from Pan, Nature Boy from Second Skin, and Young Henry Bates in Amazon Adventure.

As opposed to many young actors, he has been very discreet about his personal life and has not been involved in any controversy or speculation surrounding it. Instead, he remains focused on building his career while being an upstanding citizen.

Louis Partridge has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 Million through acting and other ventures like entrepreneurship. He currently focuses on his acting career full-time; having made a good name for himself in the industry. It is anticipated that soon his earnings may increase dramatically.

Louis Partridgeā€™s Awards

Louis Partridge is an award-winning British actor known for his performance in the Netflix movie ‘Enola Holmes and other movies and television shows. Born June 3rd, 2003 in Wandsworth London – as a Gemini, he is both intelligent and outgoing.

Louis has an older sister named Issie who is also well known in social media circles and as an actor accompanied Louis to award functions and award shows. Louis had a strong desire to become an actor so participated in school plays and drama productions to pursue this path.

Louis is an avid music listener, often listening to Ed Sheeran’s songs. Additionally, he enjoys art and likes drawing and painting; in addition, Louis boasts one of the most stunning smiles around!

Louis made his acting debut in the Boomers TV series in 2014 as Alf. This role later led him to G-Man roles in Paddington 2 and Young Henry Bates parts in Amazon Adventure. Louis has also been featured in short films such as Beneath Water, About a Dog, and Pan.

Based on his passion for creative expression and appreciation of individuality, Louis Partridge is likely an Enneagram Type 4. However, more details will need to be provided to accurately identify his Enneagram type.