Lukas Gage: American Actor

Lukas Gage is an American actor who has appeared in several movies and TV series. He became passionate about acting at a young age and attended film camp each summer.

His film debut was with Animals in 2014. Since then he has made appearances in several other projects such as Satellite Beach, Scouts Guide to Zombie Apocalypse, Assassination Nation, and Max Reload and the Nether Blasters among many more.

Lukas Gage’s Biography

Lukas Gage, an American actor with an immense following on social media, has featured in multiple movies and television shows over his career. Known for his handsome smile and charming sense of humor.

Since starting his acting career at an early age, he has been consistent in the industry. He boasts an enormous following on social media and is famed for his sarcastic sense of humor and wittiness.

Gage has an excellent relationship with his mother and family. He enjoys animal rescue work and spending time with his dogs. Gage has numerous photos with female acquaintances on his Instagram page as well.

He is well-known in the LGBT community. He has appeared in numerous LGBT films and TV series such as American Vandal, The White Lotus, You, and Euphoria as well as playing a therapist role on Enlightened TV series. Additionally, Down Low will be released this year at Outfest Film Fest.

Gage is an up-and-coming actor with a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram. His sense of humor is always apparent with him displaying a wide-eyed look as well as possessing an attractive muscular physique.

Born May 28 in San Diego, California, and of Irish, Swedish, and Ashkenazi Jewish descent; attended San Dieguito Academy of Encinitas; each summer attending film camp where he performed in plays and commercials.

Lukas Gage currently boasts a net worth of $8 Million as of 2023, earned largely through his acting career which has garnered him an enormous worldwide fan following with numerous followers on his Instagram and Twitter pages.

Gage has not tied the knot yet but is currently in a relationship with Chris Appleton, a hairstylist. He owns an adorable pup named Louie and is known to love animals. In the past, he dated Lulu Antariksa, Emma Dumont, and Claudia Sulewski among many other celebrities.

Lukas Gage’s Net Worth

Lukas Gage is an accomplished actor who has amassed considerable wealth throughout his career as an actor, brand endorsements, and business ventures. According to Forbes estimates, Gage reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $8 Million.

He has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows, such as American Vandals, Euphoria, and Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Additionally, he is an ambassador for several clothing brands and stands as an exceptional young actor with great promise in front of them.

Gage was born and raised in San Diego in a Christian household. From an early age he showed an aptitude for acting and attended film camp during summers; later going on to star in plays and advertisements before graduating from a private university nearby.

Gage first began his acting career appearing in small roles on both TV and movie productions, writing several screenplays himself as well. Gage also has a robust social media presence and often uses this platform to advocate for various causes including the Black Lives Matter movement and LGBTQ rights.

Gage has several tattoos on his body, such as a rosebud on his arm and a skull tattooed onto his neck. Additionally, his mother’s name can be seen tattooed onto his back; and he loves Harley-Davidson motorcycles as much as animal rights activists do! Additionally, he owns several dogs and cats of his own.

Lukas Gage currently boasts an estimated net worth of $8 Million as of 2023, the bulk of his estimated fortune coming from his acting career which consists of American Vandals, The White Lotus, and Euphoria among many others.

Gage has collaborated with Luke Wilson on a short film, Satellite Beach. Additionally, he is an established model who has appeared in various fashion magazines. Gage maintains an active Instagram account and enjoys music greatly; yet remains extremely private about his personal life.

Lukas Gage’s Marriage

After just months of dating, Lukas Gage and celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton are taking their relationship to new heights. On Sunday night at the Daily Front Row Fashion L.A. Awards at Beverly Hills Hotel, Gage posted photos on his Instagram with matching rings on both hands – Gage writing “Ring finger where the rock is” while Appleton added, “Love this moment.”

Since February, when their matching Instagram carousels from Mexico started sparking romance rumors, Appleton and Barrymore have been posting (and talking) publicly about each other online and on The Drew Barrymore Show respectively. Appleton even confirmed them, expressing that he’s never felt this joyful!

Page Six first reported that Gage and Appleton discreetly tied the knot at Las Vegas’ Little White Chapel over the weekend with only a select group of guests present, including Kim Kardashian. Gage and Appleton shared photos from their celebration on Instagram, labeling it as “surreal” while noting that a friend-turned-client officiated their ceremony.

TMZ has confirmed that Gage and Appleton obtained their marriage license in Clark County, Nevada. Unfortunately, neither Gage nor Appleton has publicly commented on their supposed wedding, nor have their representatives responded to EW’s requests for comment.

Gage has appeared in The White Lotus and Euphoria as well as several other films such as American Vandal, You, What Breaks the Ice, and How to Blow Up a Pipeline as well as Midnight Kiss from Into the Dark Film Festival and will premiere his forthcoming feature film Down Low at Outfest this July.

Gage first gained recognition through his groundbreaking role on HBO drama The White Lotus; since then his star power has continued to increase through roles on other shows and films, such as Euphoria and You. Gage also appeared as part of an environmental terrorist group in How to Blow Up a Pipeline; moreover, he’s garnered widespread acclaim for his body positivity activism, outspoken views on race, gender, and social justice – openly gay while self-identifying non-binary.

Lukas Gage’s Personal Life

Lukas Gage hails from San Diego, California in the United States. He comes from a stable family with strong religious convictions and values. Additionally, Lukas is an animal enthusiast and loves traveling with friends and colleagues. Professionally speaking, Gage works as an actor; appearing in popular TV series such as American Vandal, White Lotus You & Euphoria among many others. Gage has an engaging sense of humor with friendly personality traits; also boasting several short films and movie credits under his belt. Furthermore, social media users regularly share their photos with them.

The actor is particularly fond of his dogs and regularly posts images on Instagram and Twitter of them for fans to see. Furthermore, he has one of the highest fan bases among actors in Hollywood and has worked alongside numerous A-list celebrities.

Gage has been dating celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton since 2023. Their romance first made headlines by sharing vacation photos on their respective Instagram accounts; later they confirmed it by appearing together for a red carpet event.

But neither has commented publicly about their engagement or marriage plans yet. Instead, they appear to be enjoying living a fulfilling life together and appear very content together.

Gage recently went all-out for Appleton’s 40th birthday celebration, hosting it on a private yacht and providing champagne, charcuterie boards, and coconut cake as treats for his partygoer. Gage wore a white suit featuring a flower in his hair to mark this milestone event!

Gage is currently filming Down Low, an independent movie set to debut at this year’s Outfest in July. He plays Cameron, a “demon twink” with an appetite for blood and sexual encounters. Although originally intended as a writing sample for a production company, its single location made it ideal as part of the COVID-19 pandemic response plan. “Cheers to them for taking a chance on a first-time writer duo that truly produced an unhinged script!” said Gage.