Miles Teller: American Actor

Miles Teller is a young actor with an impressive resume. He has appeared in several dramatic movies such as Whiplash and Divergent film trilogy as well as screwball comedies such as 21 Over and Project X.

Andrew (Tim McCanlies, born in Pennsylvania and raised on the road by his family) displays audacious ambition in Damien Chazelle’s thriller Whiplash opening Friday. With its audacious ambitions and high energy performance he delivers one of Damien Chazelle’s signature performances as Andrew.

Miles Teller’s Biography

Miles Teller is an impressive young actor gaining momentum in Hollywood. He garnered critical acclaim for his roles as Sutter Keely in The Spectacular Now and drummer Andrew Neiman in Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash; for which he received an Academy Award nomination as well as both Grand Jury and Audience prizes at Sundance 2014.

Whiplash drummer Miles Teller may have used stunt doubles during some scenes of filming; however, there is evidence pointing towards him performing them himself. Jimmy Fallon asked Teller if he played drums in the film, and he confirmed it – also sharing that he has been practicing percussion for 12 years!

He collaborated closely with professional musician and percussion teacher Michael Lang to prepare for his role as Neiman. Lang taught Teller the subtleties of jazz drumming compared to rock music where Teller previously trained, such as changing from “matched” (where both hands hold the stick the same) to traditional (which involves using a chopstick-like grip).

Teller’s dedication to mastering drumming skills for this film was evident throughout his performances and earned praise from J.K. Simmons who likened his efforts to that of Full Metal Jacket’s demanding instructor.

As Teller has progressed through his career, he has taken on increasingly complex roles. Most notably he played the lead in Jonah Hill’s War Dogs – an arms dealer drama. Additionally, he starred in Bleed for This which required him to get into peak physical condition and endure multiple punches to the face.

Teller has earned himself a prominent place among fans for his iconic performance as Tris in Divergent. Reunited with Chazelle once more for La La Land as a jazz pianist; also appearing as Reed Richards (aka Mr Fantastic) alongside franchise stars Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell in an upcoming Marvel film.

Miles Teller’s Acting Career

Miles Teller is no stranger to acting roles ranging from firefighter and romantic lead in romantic comedies, rom-com heartthrob, Fantastic Four Marvel superhero, and now a shirtless dancer in Top Gun Maverick movie. TikTok provides him an opportunity to showcase his moves. Check out his most recent TikTok post showing him off as an exceptional dancer! His most recent video from Maverick depicting shirtless dancing is one that you won’t want to miss!

This clip shows Teller dancing to Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire” while playing piano at a bar, cheered on by audience members such as co-star Glen Powell wearing aviator sunglasses. Teller appears delighted by all of this attention, making rounds to answer inquiries about the scene he performed in.

Teller has had a distinguished acting career since 2010 when his career truly took off. Beginning with small roles and appearing alongside Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart in Rabbit Hole as well as in The Spectacular Now (a coming-of-age film), and later Divergent series character Sutter Keely (an emotionally troubled high school senior). Teller went on to earn critical acclaim for this performance which won critical praise and received numerous nominations and awards.

Teller has found success both as an actor and television star, appearing in two major crime dramas on Amazon – Too Old to Die Young and Paramount+’s miniseries The Offer (2022). Additionally, Teller will return this year as Detective Martin Jones in Atypical TV show.

Teller has also used his dancing talents to promote Bud Light’s Super Bowl commercial, where he and his wife Keleigh performed a 29-second jig to Bad Bunny’s “Chambea.” This video has garnered quite a bit of buzz; Teller seems delighted by it all and even shared tweets about his experience on set!

Miles Teller is A Singer

Miles Teller is an actor known for his multitalented talents; not only can he sing beautifully but he can also play piano and guitar. After studying at Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute before graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Teller made his big break as an Oscar nominee with 2010’s Rabbit Hole drama; winning Audience Awards both there and Sundance with this performance, then going on to star in several more films including 21 and Over, That Awkward Moment, and Divergent.

In 2007, Teller was involved in an almost-fatal car accident, leaving him with numerous scars on his face and neck. Following this experience, he underwent significant personal and professional transformation; instead of opting for roles that required him to play an action hero. He sought more intense emotional-driven roles; eventually landing roles such as War Dogs and Bleed for This; in the latter, he had to enter peak physical condition while taking many punches to portray boxing champion, Vinny Pazienza.

Reunited with Shailene Woodley again for Divergent series films, Teller most recently featured as Zac Efron’s romantic comedic partner in That Awkward Moment and played a troubled high school senior in the coming-of-age flick The Spectacular Now; which earned multiple nominations and awards including one Golden Globe nomination as Best Actor.

Teller is currently set to star in the Godfather sequel after contracting COVID-19 during summer production last year and causing it to be temporarily put on pause for several weeks – since being cleared back for work by medical personnel.

Miles Teller has established an impressive following among music fans and has performed with country icon Chris Stapleton in the past. Additionally, Teller featured prominently in Taylor Swift’s new music video “Look What You Made Me Do”, in which Swift crashes her ex’s wedding played by Teller – making an impressionful entrance!

Miles Teller is A Writer

Miles Teller is both an outstanding writer and actor. His short stories and plays have been performed around the country; his first novel will be published by Flatiron Books this October; Teller also contributes to his blog called The Awkward Moment and has written an autobiographical essay which will appear in an anthology called The Spectacular Now.

Born in Downingtown, Pennsylvania but living a nomadic childhood due to his father’s work as a nuclear power plant engineer. Attending Lecanto High School in Florida where he participated in drama club as well as baseball, saxophone, and drum playing; later moving to New York City to attend Tisch School of Arts at NYU to study acting.

Early in his career, he appeared in several minor film and television projects before finding success with the role of James Boorland on the 2009 TV show The Unusuals. Since then he has continued his success, most notably featuring as himself in John Cameron Mitchell’s 2010 movie Rabbit Hole alongside Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart.

The following year, Teller won an Academy Award-nominated leading role in J.K. Simmons’ critically acclaimed film Whiplash as J.K. Simmons’s ruthless drum teacher who pushes Teller to excel. This performance earned Teller numerous acclaim and established him as an international star.

Since then, he has gone on to star in many popular films like The Spectacular Now, Project X, and 21 and Over. Additionally, he collaborated with Zac Efron on the comedy That Awkward Moment as well as starring alongside Shailene Woodley in Divergent trilogy films.

Teller has also been making strides in writing and directing projects, adapting Dan Marshall’s memoir Home Is Burning for a film adaptation with Jonathan Levine acting as producer/director and New Line Cinema being its distributor.

Recently, Teller has focused on acting and producing movies; however, he will make occasional TV appearances as Martin Jones in Too Old to Die Young on Amazon Prime miniseries and will also co-star alongside Tom Cruise in Maverick’s sequel of Top Gun.