Steve Howey: American Actor

Steve Howey is an American actor best known for his roles on WB/CW’s Reba and in Showtime’s Shameless as Van Montgomery and Kevin Ball respectively. Additionally, he appeared in Class (1998) directed by his father as well as with Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson in Bride Wars.

Steve Howey’s Biography

Steve Howey is an American actor best known for his roles in various television series and movies. Most notably he appeared as Van Montgomery on Reba; other credits include Supercross and Bride Wars in movies/television series Bride Wars/Supercross respectively and currently Kevin Ball in Showtime’s Shameless series; guest starred on various other series such as ER, The Drew Carey Show and Twins as well as being written/directed/starred as independent film Class by his father Bill Howey which became an official selection at Denver International Film Festival/Cocoa Colorado International Film Festival/CoCocoa Fest/Cocoafest).

Born in San Antonio, Texas, and living on boats for much of his early life with his family, the actor eventually received a basketball scholarship to a junior college in Colorado but abandoned that after just one year to focus on acting classes with his father (an acting coach). Landing a role on Reba for six seasons (Van Montgomery).

Howey followed his success on Reba with roles in Supercross alongside Nikki Reed and Jennifer Grey, and series regular positions on Showtime series such as Sons Of Anarchy, Jennifer Falls, and New Girl. Additionally, he has made guest appearances on several other series like CSI: LAW & ORDER: SVU and PSYCH.

In 2009, he married actress Sarah Shahi who co-starred on both The L Word and Fairly Legal with him. Together they have three children; daughter Sofia and twin boys Amir (born March 2015). The couple resides in Los Angeles.

Howey excels at portraying fatherhood-gone-wild in Showtime’s Emmy Award-nominated Shameless and its successor series SONS OF ANARCHY with nuance and subtlety, all the way through to its palpable intensity on SONS OF ANARCHY. From comedy films such as Daddy’s Home to CTRL where his role as Ben Piller stands out from the pack – Howey continues to show he stands out as an actor of note.

Steve Howey’s Filmography

Steve Howey is an exceptional American actor who has established a stellar career in television and film acting. Perhaps best known for his portrayal of Van Montgomery on Reba, as well as appearing in films such as Supercross, Doa: Dead or Alive, Bride Wars and See You in Valhalla; Game Over Man!; Howey has also earned himself awards and nominations throughout his career.

Howey was born July 12th, 1977 in San Antonio, Texas to Bill and Carla Howey and raised on their sailboat off California and Baja coasts – likely an influencer on his later acting. At first, he didn’t want to become an actor himself, but his father who was an Actor/Acting coach encouraged his career choice.

He attended high school in Colorado and received an athletic scholarship to Northeastern Junior College; however, soon abandoned basketball for acting classes. Additionally, his independent film Class was accepted into the Denver International Film Festival.

Howey first found success as an actor through guest roles on various television programs before earning his first series-starring role on WB/CW sitcom Reba as Van Montgomery from 2001 until the show ended in 2007. Since then he has been featured in films like Supercross and DOA: Dead or Alive as well as the comedy-drama Bride Wars.

On Shameless, he plays Kevin Ball, husband to Veronica (played by Sarah Shahi). Kevin has appeared in over 90 episodes so far and will likely return for future seasons.

Howey is married to actress Sarah Shahi and they share two children: a son and twins. Together, the couple has worked on various projects such as Toned In, The Drew Carey Show, Any Day Now, and Twins; as well as working on Fox show Sex/Life which will air later this year and also co-starred as Jax Deschanel and Zooey Deschanel’s professional football player boyfriend on New Girl. Howey revealed his Scottish heritage while on Craig Ferguson’s Late Late show last night.

Steve Howey’s Personal Life

Steve Howey was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas but spent much of his early youth sailing the Pacific coastline on sailboats. Although initially awarded a basketball scholarship at high school, after one year he dropped it altogether to pursue acting, with help from his acting coach father.

He is best known for playing Van Montgomery on WB/CW sitcom Reba from 2001-2007, while guest starring on various shows such as ER and The Drew Carey Show. Furthermore, he acted and produced Class, an independent film that earned an official selection at Denver International Film Festival.

Howey married actress Sarah Shahi in 2009. They had three children together: William, Violet, and Knox – but eventually separated but remain co-custody parents to their offspring. Shahi recently opened up about what had led to the break-up, explaining what went wrong between the pair.

Howey is well known for his role as Howey on a popular television series; however, in real life, he’s a dedicated husband and father. He enjoys spending time with his family as well as following sports with an interest. Additionally, Howey enjoys music, photography, and painting which all complement one another well.

A longtime fan of country singer/songwriter Reba McEntire, he made an appearance in her music video for Every Other Weekend. Currently living in Los Angeles.

Howey portrays fatherhood-gone-wild in Shameless to palpable intensity in Sons of Anarchy – portraying classic masculinity on-screen that’s equal parts humor and heart. Howey credits icons such as Jackie Gleason and Steve McQueen with inspiring his work.

Steve Howey is an American actor best known for his roles on the Showtime series Shameless as Kevin Ball and Reba as Van Montgomery, as well as in movies such as Supercross, DOA: Dead or Alive, and Bride Wars.

Steve Howey’s Awards

Steve Howey is an American actor and producer best known for his roles as Van Montgomery on WB/CW television’s Reba and Kevin Ball in Showtime’s Shameless. Additionally, he regularly guest stars on various other series as well as appearing in several movies; with an estimated net worth estimated at over $4 Million, he holds an impressive portfolio.

Howey was born and raised on sailboats along the Pacific coast. After winning a basketball scholarship to a junior college, he decided to study acting with his father – an acting coach himself – before appearing as a guest star in several television programs such as ER and The Drew Carey Show before landing the role of Van Montgomery on Reba for six seasons.

Bill Howey wrote and directed an independent film called Class, which became an official selection at the Denver International Film Festival. Since then he has gone on to star in many other movies like K.C. Carlyle in Supercross; Weatherby in DOA: Dead or Alive; Daniel Williams in Bride Wars and Kate Hudson’s love interest from Something Borrowed. Additionally, he has made appearances on various television shows such as SONS OF ANARCHY, JENNIFER FALLS, and PSYCH.

Howey is also the creator and director of the comedy web series CTRL. A practicing Christian, Howey supports Starlight Children’s Foundation as it assists hospitalized children and their families.

Steve Howey and actress Sarah Shahi married on February 7, 2009, in Las Vegas and are parents to Knox Blue Howey and William Wolf Howey; currently, the family lives in Los Angeles. Additionally, Steve Howey is also a professional golfer and an enthusiastic MMA fighter; having competed in both men’s and women’s MMA events at UFC 141 2010 with best finishes of third place in Men’s Light Heavyweight division and featherweight division at various tournaments while winning three championships across three weight classes during amateur MMA competition.