Theo James: English Actor

Theo James is an accomplished actor and handsome, boasting Greek, English, and Scottish ancestry.

After his guest appearances on Downton Abbey, Theo James quickly received offers for various roles. His big screen debut came when he made an appearance as Tobias “Four” Eaton in the Divergent (2014) film adaptation.

Theo James’ Biography

Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis, better known by his stage name Theo James, was born in Oxford England on 16 December 1984. He is best known for playing Tobias Eaton in the Divergent series as well as appearing in films such as Underworld: Awakening and Insurgent. Known for his impressive acting range and exceptional character work.

After attending Aylesbury Grammar School and studying Philosophy at Nottingham, James studied acting at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School after receiving his undergraduate degree. Once graduated he pursued acting professionally and was offered auditions. James takes pride in his craft; always improving and learning new techniques for acting roles as well as performing as an accomplished singer who plays guitar, harmonica, and piano as lead singer of Shere Khan band before starting acting career.

James began his acting career by landing several television roles and small film appearances. His big break came in 2010 when he landed the lead role opposite Billie Piper in A Passionate Woman; this gave him the exposure that helped open more doors of acting work; after this role, he then went on to star in John Branie’s Room at the Top adaptation in 2012 as well as making a short guest appearance as Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk in an episode of Downton Abbey.

Theo James is an actor with an impressive array of accents that span from Southern Irish to Scottish to authentic New Yorker – as well as doing voiceover work for various projects.

James is very committed to charity work, with an unfailingly generous spirit. His passion lies with animal rights and has helped several organizations raise funds for various causes. James enjoys playing basketball, football, rugby, and deep sea scuba diving among his other interests.

Since 2009, he has been romantically linked with actress Ruth Kearney and often appear at red-carpet events together. They remain very private about their relationship and have neither confirmed nor denied reports that they were romantically involved. He is also an established producer having founded his own production company.

Theo James’ Filmography

Although Theo James is one of Hollywood’s most in-demand actors, he keeps his personal life relatively discreet. While no images have yet been posted of his family on social media, he can often be found alongside his girlfriend actress Ruth Kearny at various events and film premieres; these two have been inseparable since becoming partners several months ago.

He is an actor with multiple talents who is also active in music – playing guitar, harmonica, and saxophone for multiple bands such as Makora and Shere Khan. Additionally, he can play piano and has written songs since age 14. At 14 he even had written and recorded his track! Additionally, he enjoys boxing, basketball, rugby, and deep-sea scuba diving!

Before his success in Hollywood, James held several minor roles on television screens. His first television role came when he appeared as the young Alex in 2011’s supernatural drama series Bedlam; subsequent appearances include A Passionate Woman and Case Sensitive. By 2012 he had secured more substantial work through roles such as Room at the Top and Golden Boy.

James first rose to fame as vampire David in the 2014 movie adaptation of Divergent. It became an enormous hit and earned James great recognition. Since then, he has continued working in this franchise; currently anticipating its fifth film.

Since 2016, he has appeared in two other major film roles: crime thriller London Fields and independent drama Franny in 2016. In 2018, he will make an appearance alongside Amber Heard and Jaimie Alexander in the political thriller Backstabbing for Beginners. Theo James plays the lead in an Ewan McGregor/Lea Seydoux co-directed melodrama called Zoe that promises to be his career-defining performance.

Personal Life

Theo James is a British actor best known for his roles in Divergent and Bedlam series of movies and TV shows but also made appearances on Downton Abbey and Case Sensitive shows as well as playing the lead role in the film adaptation of Time Traveler’s Wife book series. Additionally, Theo also boasts musical ability; playing both harmonica and guitar are among his talents.

Theo Taptiklis is born to Jane Martin and Philip Taptiklis of Oxford. His mother works at NHS as a nurse while his father is a business consultant. Theo has an avid interest in rugby and boxing as well as deep sea scuba diving – while also reading philosophy books during his free time.

On Watch What Happens Live, Theo James was asked whether he would consider portraying George Michael in a biopic. In response, he responded in the affirmative but noted that first a script would need to be seen and was surprised when Adam Lambert criticized his idea as well as any criticism directed towards straight men playing gay icons like Michael.

Theo James has been in a relationship with Irish actress Ruth Kearney since 2009. They met while both attending Bristol Old Vic Theatre school. Now living between London and Los Angeles with their daughter, Theo and Ruth share custody.

They are very close, often spending quality time together. In his free time, Theo enjoys reading philosophical books and traveling – both activities that fill his free time in his leisure time. Being very private about his private life he does not discuss it on social media platforms such as Instagram. He greatly admires his parents for raising five children successfully – something which Theo himself marvels at doing himself! He remains close with family members and often visits them, while posting frequent pictures of his adorable pup, Axl on Instagram! Additionally, he is an incredible chef experimenting with various recipes which allows him to experiment further with his cooking talents experimenting and refining recipes as much as he likes cooking from scratch!

Social Media

Theodore Peter James Kinnaird Taptiklis, popularly known as Theo James, is an English actor best known for his portrayal of Tobias Eaton in the Divergent series film adaptations and other horror flicks such as Underworld: Awakening and Underworld: Blood Wars. Additionally to acting, James also models for German fashion brand Hugo Boss as part of its fragrance campaigns.

James prefers not to participate in social media; in fact, he doesn’t even own an Instagram account himself! Still, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t occasionally become intrigued with its features.

James was raised in small-town England before attending Nottingham University to study philosophy. Following graduation he decided to pursue acting and attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School; during this time he took part in amateur productions, won various scholarships, and performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Theo James participating in amateur productions with amateur companies at Bristol Old Vic. Since then James has gone on to appear in many blockbuster movies, period dramas, indie movies, and TV series roles.

As well as acting, James has also dabbled in music. Specifically, he used to be both singer and guitarist for Shere Khan; they released several songs through MySpace and SoundCloud before their breakup was announced in November 2012. Since 2009 he has been in a relationship with amateur Irish actress Ruth Kearney whom he met through acting classes.

James may not have an active social media presence, yet still makes headlines with his recent work projects. For instance, he has recently been cast in Netflix’s upcoming show The Gentlemen which is based on Guy Ritchie’s film of the same name; filming for this series is scheduled to commence soon in London.

James has also been active in charity work. He has supported the UNHCR – UN Refugee Agency by visiting Greece to follow the story of Syrian refugees, attending fundraising events, and providing his voiceover for campaign videos. Furthermore, James has worked with British Red Cross as well as providing volunteer services to homeless individuals.