Xolo Maridueña: American Actor

Xolo Mariduena plays Miguel Diaz on Netflix’s Cobra Kai series. He is best known for playing Victor Graham on Parenthood and will also star as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle in an upcoming DC Extended Universe film.

At 22 years old, this young man seems to be taking it all in stride and enjoying himself immensely. Even during a busy schedule like his, he still makes time for gaming fun such as Dungeons and Dragons!

Xolo Mariduena’s Biography

Xolo Mariduena is an American actor best known for playing Victor Graham on the hit television series Parenthood. Born June 9, 2001, in Los Angeles with roots originating in Mexico, Cuba, and Ecuador he gained notoriety through playing Victor Graham. Known as Dog Star in the Nahuatl language. After starting out modeling his acting career began with Cobra Kai.

He dreams of becoming the first Latino superhero in either Marvel or DC movies, looking up to Robert Pattinson who is known for portraying dark, complex characters with flaws like Robert Reyes does in Blue Beetle. Additionally, he’s excited about working on Blue Beetle where he will portray Jaime Reyes.

Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer and Puerto Rican filmmaker Angel Manuel Soto will collaborate to write and direct this groundbreaking superhero movie that marks a first in DC Extended Universe with Latino heroes. Set for release in 2023.

Apart from acting, he’s also an avid gamer with his channel on Twitch dedicated to streaming his gameplay. Additionally, he enjoys Shotokan Karate and dance. Furthermore, he loves traveling and spending time with his friends.

He can usually be found snacking on snacks such as Reese’s, corn nuts, and Honey Mustard Pickles during his free time. As an aspiring foodie, he also loves trying different cuisines; in his downtime, he’s known to attend gaming meet-ups in his area to socialize and unwind.

Xolo is also an active participant on social media and posts photos of his meals and travels on his Instagram account regularly, amassing over 3m followers in total. He’s the proud father of two children whom he is trying to instill the importance of staying true to themselves; currently dating fellow actor Hannah Kepple with whom they enjoy spending time together and doesn’t shy away from expressing themselves freely with one or when front of other people.

Xolo Mariduena’s Net Worth

Xolo Mariduena, a young actor who quickly made a name for himself as one of the stars of the Cobra Kai TV series, has quickly established himself and earned widespread acclaim thanks to his outstanding acting skills. Thanks to this success in his career and lucrative contracts earned, he now owns multiple houses and cars as well as streaming gaming on Twitch with an enormous fan base.

His background includes Mexican, Cuban, and Ecuadorian ancestry. At 11 years old he began acting in Parenthood and has become one of the most recognized actors ever since; winning numerous awards along the way. Additionally, he is successful in business as well as social media – having amassed many followers on both Instagram and Twitch accounts and garnering many brand endorsements through them.

As of 2023, Xolo estimated his net worth at approximately $5 Million. His primary source of revenue comes from acting roles in television and movie projects and live streamer income; both platforms enjoy significant support. Furthermore, he is part of the DC Extended Universe and working on the Blue Beetle movie project.

Young actor Xolo is an incredible talent with great potential in acting. Standing at 5 feet 8 inches and weighing in at 136 lbs, his striking physical attributes include beautiful dark brown eyes and hair that sparkle, an impressive height of 5 feet 8 inches, and a weight of 580 lbs respectively. Additionally, his charming persona has earned him many fans.

Xolo lives in Los Angeles and is passionately in love with Hannah Kepple, whom he has been dating for quite some time, and even attended prom together. They’ve been dating for a while now and even attended prom together! He boasts an impressive car collection which is often showcased on social media. In addition to acting, he enjoys tennis and basketball – as well as video gaming; in addition, his Twitch streaming channel named Xolo Crunch gives an insight into his daily activities!

Xolo Mariduena’s Filmography

As a child, Xolo Mariduena developed an early passion for the arts. From an early age, he expressed a strong interest in performing. At an early age, he got his first taste behind the scenes at a radio station studio, watching artists prepare and perform. This experience ignited his interest in acting – something he was determined to pursue professionally as soon as he could.

Mariduena has enjoyed an extensive career, appearing in several film and TV roles throughout his career. These include Mack & Moxy and Rush Hour on television as well as Furst Born for television movie release. Additionally, he made an appearance in Twin Peaks season 1.

Recent roles for Mariduena include Miguel Diaz on the Netflix series Cobra Kai, an extension of The Karate Kid film franchise. In addition, Xolo will also be appearing as Jaime Reyes/Blue Beetle in an upcoming DC Extended Universe movie. Mariduena has quickly established himself as an actor to watch; quickly becoming a fan favorite as an actor he relishes every opportunity to bring this new DC character to life.

Xolo Mariduena’s Awards

Xolo Mariduena, an actor known for his award-winning performances in various TV shows and films, has seen tremendous success over recent years. Winning various awards and nominations for his roles on popular shows such as Cobra Kai and Parenthood respectively; currently appearing as Miguel Diaz on Netflix series Cobra Kai and Victor Graham in Parenthood respectively – among many other roles; hailing from Los Angeles with Mexican, Cuban and Ecuadorian ancestry, his Twitch channel allows him to stream video game streams – taking its inspiration from Nahuatl – the language spoken by Aztecs!

He is also an avid gamer, posting images and videos on social media of himself playing video games such as Dungeons & Dragons at local meet-ups and attending local meetups to play the game. Even with his busy schedule, he manages to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet with plenty of water consumption, regularly engaging in physical exercises such as hiking or cycling, and maintaining his passion for music through various forms.

Guadalajara Film Festival honored Xolo Mariduena with the Arbol de la Vida Trailblazer Award, honoring actors who have made an impactful contribution and inspired future Latinx talent. Mariduena won for his roles in Cobra Kai (based on the Karate Kid film series) and Parenthood TV series respectively.

He is an immensely talented young actor with an exciting future ahead. Through hard work and commitment, he has already seen great success in his career. Now it is expected that he will make further strides forward within the industry and leave a lasting impactful mark on society.

As of 2018, Xolo Mariduena is estimated to have an estimated net worth of around $2,000,000 US dollars, thanks to his work as an actor in movies and TV shows such as Cobra Kai on Netflix and as a regular cast member of Parenthood on television. Additionally, he will appear in the upcoming HBO Max film Blue Beetle as Jaime Reyes.